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If you were to group the most successful small and medium-sized businesses and dissect their marketing and sales strategies, you will notice that most of their leads were generated from cold emails.

Good cold emails (yes, there is a difference) work to generate more leads for your product or service, because they make it easy to book sales meetings with prospects who match  your ideal customer profile.

These meetings allow you to learn about your market, identify common questions from cold prospects, and better tailor your brand strategy for ultimate product market fit.



A strong marketing campaign relies on multiple points of data. With the right information, a small or medium-sized business can make sure their message lands in front of their ideal audience. data and an up-to-date list. With the help of a good list, you can target your ideal audience through the use of demographic data and up-to-date lists.

For the individual user, LinkedIn has a major problem. The list you download has no effective way for you to reach intended prospects. LinkedIn does not provide email addresses, phone numbers or street addresses. We do.


In our increasingly digital world, it’s no wonder  you may doubt the effects of direct mail as a marketing tactic. Email marketing seems almost too easy, offering you a way to reach a specific group while allowing your computer to do the majority of the legwork. 

However, there are some serious advantages for reaching an audience by way of a traditional mail campaign. In days gone by, businesses were flooded with postal mail business promotions. Today its the reverse, people’s inboxes are so overloaded with unwanted emails, that even a well-crafted email marketing campaign can go completely unnoticed.

Postal business mail is far less common and thus is usually opened by the addressee. The beauty of direct mail is that its rare for the prospect to get a business letter with a new idea even once a week.


Email and Postal Mail Marketing
Personalised Email
Postal Mail Outreach
Email Outreach
✓  5 day setup time
✓  Create the right email message
✓  Build a list of 500 contacts



✓  Send the initial email

✓  Send 2 follow-up emails



✓  Review the prospects' replies

✓  Take action


✓  Personalised messaging for all
✓  Sample message: "I enjoyed
✓  your recent post on LinkedIn
✓  Send the initial email
✓  Send 2 follow-up emails
✓  Review the prospects' replies
✓  Take action


✓  Message shows in envelope window
✓  Creative letter writing
✓  Message designed to elicit replies


✓ List created of your best targets

✓ Street addresses compiled



✓  500 letters sent

✓   Review and act on prospects' replies


$1,000 Monthly
$500 Monthly
$1,000 Monthly
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Our team will help design your strategy, craft custom messaging, source prospects and build a sales pipeline for you. 

We pay close attention to the market segment that is important to you whether you are sending hundreds or thousands of emails each month.

Our goal is to create a repeatable sales prospecting program that creates a steady stream of activity for your sales team. Our process can help you explore new markets, and close more deals.

Our team includes email specialists, writers and designers. We work with both start-ups and established businesses.
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